Michelle Jaco

Freelance Writer/ Content Creator 

Born a proud SoCal native and developing a competitive (but healthy) spirit at a young age, I grew up rooting for my LA teams and later evolved that fan-spirit into a hustle, when I combined my love of sports with my passion for storytelling as a writing intern for the Los Angeles Clippers. More recently, I have built a career in the digital PR industry, while continuing to explore my journalistic depths.

Car Accident Lawyer Daniel Kim Puts Clients at the Center of His Practice

Daniel Kim has dedicated his life’s work to the establishment of the most exceptional personal injury law firm in the nation. It has become evident that his unwavering passion for supporting those who may feel powerless during difficult times dates back to his formative years and has evolved into a steadfast commitment as he embarked on a remarkable journey from South Korea to Iraq while serving in the army, eventually returning to his cherished home in Orange County, where he laid the foundatio

Want to Breathe Better at Work? Send This Link to Your Boss, You’re Welcome

Instant Jungle Is Planting the Seed for a Workspace Transformation When you spend about a third of your day confined to an enclosed space made up of fabric-paneled room dividers, muted-colored walls and dismal carpeting, all below a band of fluorescent overhead lights, it can be challenging to maintain a stimulated state of mind. If this setting sounds even slightly familiar, then it’s time to brighten up your workspace. Numerous scientific studies show there is a direct link between decreased

Is Digital Signage Software a Good Fit for Your Brand?

Think about it. When it comes to branding, how big of a role does imagery play in the matter? From storefronts to billboards to restaurant menu displays and even moving ads posted atop metros and taxis, the endgame is the same to catch the passerby's attention and convert that individual into a consumer. As technology continues to evolve so should a business's branding strategy; this includes upgrading from dated signage to CGI (computer-generated imagery) layouts in hopes of telling a m

Here’s 9 Reasons Y Millennials Are Flocking to Downtown Oakland

You Don’t Know the Bay Until You’ve Crossed These Off Your List Written By: Michelle Jaco Photography Provided By: Marc Szabo Studios, Inc. No generation has seemingly been studied quite as much as millennials—and understandably so. Complex, expressive, social, connected—these are only some of the characteristics of the average Gen Y’er. And true to form, when it comes to unity, millennials gravitate toward the concept. So, it would only be fitting that where they choose to take up residency

It’s Gotta Be the Shoes by Michelle Jaco

The fictional character Mars Blackmon (writer/director Spike Lee’s 1980s alter-ego), was onto something when he — along with the team at NIKE — famously coined the slogan: “It’s gotta be the shoes.” The right pair of shoes can have a tremendous effect on athletic performance. Sure, no such magical sneakers exists that will allow you soar through the air like Michael Jordan, but a good pair of tennis shoes is a quintessential component to support the body through demanding workouts and promoting

Insurance: Beginning with the Basics by Michelle Jaco

In years past, fairly healthy individuals may have opted out of enrolling in an insurance plan because they had no history of chronic illnesses. The price of health insurance may have also deterred, and possibly negated, many away from enrolling in a policy, as well. Medical insurance can be viewed as a gamble; the insurer bets that they will make more money in monthly premiums than they will in paying out consumer benefits, whereas the insured (you) must decide what type of plan coverage — if